All our plainclothes and uniformed officers are fully trained prior to their appointment to your store. We also provide fully trained Store Detectives and train your staff in loss protection. Regarding checking tags and receipts for customers, we can send a supervisor in plain clothes for test purchases upon request, even while your regular officer is working.
We believe in a close partnership with our clients’  management within the retail unit and also that of the Head Office and Field Management. Enforcement of Company Search Policies sometimes gets forgotten but you can entrust this duty to our security team and have the reassurance that all procedures will be carried out as outlined with no members of staff being missed. This can also include Management.
BLACK WATCH TACTICAL Ltd provides teams of security personnel trained in customer care to enhance your customers’ shopping centre experience.
Our clients can be secure, knowing that our personnel act as great ambassadors for the asset managers and owners. It is not only good customer care that shopping centres need, but it is also the whole retail experience, which is why Black Watch Tactical looks at the outside of the shopping centre too and creates strong partnerships with both the local Police and business organisations.