Insurance Policies For Security Personnel

Dont run out of TIME
Employees and web subscribers will benefit from our online policy.
With the introduction of Black Watch Tactical membership you will be able to access our online policies and offers designed for the Security  Industry.
Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance cover provides you with a tax-free monthly income in the event that you are unable to work due to injury, sickness or  redundancy, usually for a period of up to one year. You pick the amount of cover you need, deciding whether you want to be covered for redundancy, sickness, injury or all three and if you need to protect your mortgage repayments, your salary, loan repayments or rent. This kind of policy is particularly suitable for people concerned about whether or not they have the financial security to cope with any loss of earnings through illness, injury or redundancy.



'I would like to introduce our latest offer for the Security Industry of personal cover against accident, sickness and unemployment. You now can protect your salary up to £1000 per month and you can choose between one and two years' cover . 
You never know when you might be injured and need this cover.
In the last two years I have fractured my neck and injured my arm, both of which required surgery.
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