Welcome to the age of the Partner
Being a trusted advisor, you have to sell your vision of what your clients require in the way of service and by understanding what your customers require is key to moving your business forward.

By having that one to one commitment with your clients you know how they think and when the time is right to act.

We recognise that partnerships are stronger than working alone. Innovation and ‘BLACK WATCH TACTICAL’ go hand in hand throughout the life of the contract, with the free-flow of ideas making the innovation quicker and more relevant to the unique situation of protecting your assets.
 Training devised from site instructions and service level agreements (SLA), ensures that all relevant information is correct and to hand whilst still being secure. This gives a confident and smooth running of the day to day operations. Staff and visitor searches can be a contentious issue; ‘BLACK WATCH’ carries out this important task in a sensitive yet confident manner.
 Adopting a flexible approach to every assignment, we find out how your organisation works, get to know your customers, management team, the corporate ethos and your business environment. Together, we make sure that we understand what makes your company tick and then develop a bespoke first point of contact.