​​We now live in uncertain times. With the face of security changing and the threat of terrorism from fanatical organisations in the UK on soft targets is ANY company safe from this threat?

I would like to introduce you to Black Watch Tactical Ltd, specialising in Security, Risk Management & Tactical Security Solutions.

We are an ACS Approved Company that complies with ISO 9001:2015, BS7499, BS7984 & BS7858.

We offer comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective High Profile Security & Services to meet your critical needs and, as a Security Consultancy, we have gained a wealth of experience providing security to the Private and Corporate Sectors, with the quality of service and the right attitude to deal with any situation.

Good management ensures that clients are provided with the right type of bespoke security, including personnel of high calibre, delivering the best solutions for your needs. This will establish and develop the most effective, highly flexible responsive unit to cover your risk when you need it the most.

The first impression a client expects, whether that client is a private individual or a business owner, is of a smart, well trained  Crime Protection Tactical Officers (CPTO) who can deal with any situation: protecting Government Buildings, Airports, Power Stations, Fuel Refineries, Commercial Premises; indeed anywhere there is a need for high quality security protection that can be deployed anywhere across the UK. 

Code of Practice

This British Standard gives recommendations for the management, staffing and operation of an organisation providing security guarding services on a static site and/or mobile patrol basis.

BS7499 – Static site guarding and mobile patrol service. 

BS 7984-Key Holding and Response Services

This British standard gives recommendations and guidance for the regulation of the Private Security Industry, including security guarding and key-holding, with regard to the management, staffing and operation of an organisation which provides key-holding and response services on a contracted basis.

BS 7858-is an important security standard that helps employers to screen security personnel before they employ them. Giving best-practice recommendations, BS 7858 sets the standard for the security screening of staff in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential. This includes data security, sensitive and service contracts and confidential records. You can also apply BS 7858 in situations where security screening is in the public’s interest.

We are registered with the Data Protection Agency ICO, GDPR Policy and check an applicant’s right to work through The Home Office. All of our Operational Teams have completed training courses in Risk Assessment and Critical Planning with further training determined by your requirements.


​BWT will provide, cost effective solutions designed for your business, without cutting the level of service for Key Holding, Mobile Response, Mobile Patrols, 24 Hour Emergency Response (CPTO),  Man Guarding & Front Line (CPTO)

​Our cost effective solutions & services start from as little as £0.2738 pence per day for a one off fee plus VAT for Key Holding.

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Black Watch Tactical Limited currently holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding & Key Holding