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Guard Tour Management System: Secure solutions for modern guard and plant protection

For over 35 years, Deister Electronics has been developing robust and reliable solutions that provide control and security for guard and plant protection.  DataLog Guard Tour Protection allows you to use your staff more efficiently, improve your control over guard tours and provide seamless documentation of your staff's activity.

 Protect your staff

Not all criminals respect guards in uniforms. This is especially true of 
guards that go on longer tours alone or protect premises which are further away from civilisation. They are in danger. 'Signs of life' on a regular basis are essential to ensure your staff are OK.

The collected data of the tour can be transmitted not only to a PC via cable, but also via the mobile phone network. At the end of each tour, or at any time along the way, the data collector can be put into the mobile docking station Guard IX Connect and all the collected data that has been gathered to that point will be transmitted wirelessly over the mobile phone network almost immediately.

Even better, the data transfer, which is very energy-intensive, is completely taken care of by the mobile docking station; this way, the data collector's battery time is not affected and retains its longevity.


Collect efficiently

Analyse easily

Easy control, efficient Data Analysis and powerful features; DataLog Guard Protection software supports you in every situation. Choose the right one for your business from a variety of versions. Management of everyday tours, recording working hours and travel times, proof of service and maintance tours or management of special tours and calls - all with just a click of a button.